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Family owned and operated, Huckleberry Vinn’s was founded by utilizing wild huckleberry extract, sourced from our family property, and combining it with organically grown hemp to create our unique, tasty tincture including the equivalent of 12 berries in every bottle. Our salves are created with pure organic ingredients and together they offer the wild, balanced benefits of nature to promote well-being for our communities.

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I’ve taken a lot of different types of CBD over the years but I was never crazy about the taste.

After about a month of taking a dose of the 1500 mg Huckleberry Full Spectrum Tincture in the morning and a dose at night, I’ve been able to notice incredible improvement with numerous aspects of my health.

Before I could barely sleep because the neuropathy in my feet was so bad and now I barely notice it! It truly is amazing.

After this, I know Huckleberry Vinn’s is the only CBD I’ll take and I always look forward to it’s wonderful taste!

Wayne H.

Overland Park, KS

I’ve been using the “Relax” tablets and I find them a must have for a good night sleep. There is no after effect at all. It feels like a natural sleep and I wake up refreshed and ready to go. I had been using generic gummy bear products to sleep and these give me a much more natural sleep pattern.

I can’t leave home without them!

Thomas N.

Las Vegas, NV

I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus last year and had moderate swelling and a great deal of annoying pain behind my knee. My knee swelled with minimal movement and the pain kept waking me up at night if I moved the wrong way.

Advil alleviated my symptoms but bothered my stomach.

I tried Huckleberry Vinn’s salve and within a few days I was able to do more without my knee swelling. I used the salve several times a day just like I had taken the Advil. The salve also got rid of the pain without adverse side effects. Since then I have used it and recommended to all of my sport loving friends.

Dorothea L.

Whitefish, MT

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Our flavorful tinctures combine the health benefits of nutrient-rich wild huckleberries with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, made from organically grown hemp.

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