Our Creation Process

Learn how our experienced team creates the tastiest tincture on the market

A Refined Art

Step 1 - Nature Does it's Work

The first and most important step in our creation process is also the most effortless.  We let mother nature nurture the wild huckleberries.  Huckleberries can be found in the forested areas of western Montana and are high in antioxidants as well as vitamins A, B, and C and contain minerals like sodium, iron, potassium and calcium. They add a unique, delicious flavor to our tincture. When havesting, we ensure all our berries are hand foraged to respect the plant and keep our impact as low as possible. 

Step 2 - Cultivating Organically Grown Hemp

Huckleberry Vinn’s works with some of the largest farms in the US to source our 100% organic CBD distillate. They follow strict guidelines to maintain an organic certification and take pride in what is produced.

Step 3 - Harvests, Drying, and Curing

We hand harvested & hang dried full hemp plants in a climate controlled dark room warehouse for seven to ten days.  We then hand shucked the organic biomass off the hemp stalks into sealed containers for proper curing before sending off to state of the art extraction labs.

Harvesting of the huckleberries is one of the most enjoyable steps in the process. The Huckleberry Vinn’s team gets to venture out onto the Remmel property, deep into nature to find only the plumpest and juiciest berries to be added to our signature blend.

Once the hemp plant is ready to harvest, it is cured prior to processing for the CBD distillate. This can be a labor intensive step in order to properly designate all parts of the hemp plant in order to optimize utilization.

Step 4 - Extraction

· Non-Toxic. With CO2 as a solvent for CBD oil extraction, no toxins, heavy metals or hydrocarbon materials come in contact with the extracted oils.

· Pure. The extracted material is free of residual solvents.

· Cold. CO2 extractions can be done at temperatures native to the plant, minimizing thermal degradation of the plant material and the extracted oil.

· Environmentally Friendly. Industrial CO2 for extractions comes from byproducts – primarily hydrogen and ammonia manufacturing and fermentation for ethanol. CO2 used for extractions does not contribute to the overall atmospheric CO2 levels.

Step 5 - Distillation

Distillation is an extraction process that separates and refines cannabinoids at a molecular level.

The production of cannabis distillate begins with crude extraction. Remaining impurities in this extracted oil (fats, lipids, and other various compounds) must then be removed in order for the oil to be separated even further. The next step of creating cannabis distillate is a process known as winterization.

This method mixes the crude extract with ethanol, where it is then placed in a very cold environment for 24-48 hours. Any remaining impurities congeal in the cold temperatures and separate, where they fall to the bottom of the container.

Step 6 - Our Formulation Process

Our final process involves combining our proprietary Huckleberry Vinn’s huckleberry extract with our oil mixture, consisting of the highest sourced organic carrier oils and organic full spectrum hemp extract. Our final step involves Ultrasonication, which nano-emulsifies the end mixture, to afford maximum bio-availability ensuring YOU gain all the benefits of Huckleberry Vinn’s.

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